๐ŸคฏAdditional Information

Economic Sustainability

We prioritise the long-term sustainability of Loaded Lions: Mane City. Unlike many Web3 games that launch highly inflationary tokens, Loaded Lions: Mane City has chosen not to introduce a new cryptocurrency. This ensures a stable gaming environment that does not prey on the goodwill of players. Instead, the game generates revenue initially by retaining CRO from Diamond purchases (for competitive mode, there will be a % distribution to prize pools) and taking a 15% fee from each transaction in the Market.

Note that there are no hidden costs, unlike other web3 games, such as through token unlocks (here) or inflation, which is a dilution cost and detrimental to token holders; prices can be observed here (for example, holding all else equal, a 50% increase in token circulating supply would essentially be equivalent to a 50% fee to all token holders).

This approach fosters a healthy and sustainable economy within the game, allowing players to enjoy a fair and enjoyable gaming experience that withstands the test of time. The cut taken is then utilised to fund game operations, improvements, and ecosystem development. This ensures that Loaded Lions: Mane City continues to grow and evolve, providing players with a rich and engaging experience for years to come.

Loaded Lions: Mane City Roadmap

We're committed to continuously enhancing the in-game experience for all players. Our roadmap puts an emphasis on various social, strategic, and engagement features to enrich your time spent in Loaded Lions: Mane City, ensuring that the game remains dynamic and captivating for all players. We have shortlisted a list of potential features below, with some already in the works! (please note these could be subject to change)

๐Ÿค Features that enhance community connections

  • Access Pass system for NFT holders โœ…

  • Game is now accessible to the public โœ…

  • Ability to attack other players โœ…

  • Ability to defend your city โœ…

  • Faction systems โœ…

  • Faction-based ranking systems

  • Region-based ranking systems

  • Friends/foes list

  • Guild and world battle systems

  • Ability to view other playersโ€™ Mansion

โ™Ÿ๏ธ Features that deepen gameplay complexity

  • Integrated Crypto.com Expedition Gear Backpack NFT capacity trait โœ…

  • Integrated Crypto.com Expedition Gear Tools of the trade NFTs โœ…

  • Diamond Bonus โœ…

  • EXP Bonus โœ…

  • Diminishing returns on Backpacks and Furnitures

  • Region-based navigation and economies

  • Land combos

  • Business combos

  • Business managers

  • New in-game assets

๐Ÿ•น๏ธ Features that improve gaming experience

  • Market optimisation and navigation improvements โœ…

  • Prestige system optimisation โœ…

  • Mansion optimisation โœ…

  • Normal mode rank bonus system โœ…

  • Inbox notifications system โœ…

  • Achievements system โœ…

  • Daily and weekly quest system

  • Narrative and world-building

  • Cool visual effects and skins

  • Game settings

  • World map


Loaded Lions: Mane City thrives on its vibrant and supportive community. Our community is the backbone of the game, providing valuable feedback, sharing strategies, and creating a friendly atmosphere. We encourage players to get involved and interact with their fellow tycoons through platforms like Discord and Twitter.

By joining the conversation and participating in these channels, you'll have the opportunity to meet like-minded individuals, and contribute to the growth and success of Loaded Lions: Mane City. Social media channels may not be actively monitored; for accurate and up-to-date information, please always refer to our website and this Playbook. Join the community today:

Discord link

Twitter link

Telegram link


We value our players' input and feedback. We are dedicated to constantly improving the in-game experience and addressing any concerns players have. To provide feedback or report any issues, please send us a support ticket on Discord. This allows us to collect and analyse your feedback, ensuring that we can make informed decisions about future updates and improvements.

By sharing your thoughts and experiences, you play an essential role in helping us shape the future of Loaded Lions: Mane City. Your voice matters, and we thank you for your support and contribution to the game's success.

The Loaded Lions: Mane City Team

The Loaded Lions: Mane City team is composed of passionate and experienced professionals with a strong background in Web3 game development. Our diverse group of experts is dedicated to creating an immersive and enjoyable in-game experience.

We take pride in our team's ability to work together effectively, combining our unique skills and expertise to craft a visually appealing and engaging world for players to explore. As the game grows and evolves, we will continue to expand our team to bring in new talent and expertise, ensuring that Loaded Lions: Mane City remains at the forefront of innovation and player satisfaction.

Our dedication to improving and expanding the game will help us to provide a top-notch experience for our loyal community.

Contract Addresses

In the interest of transparency and verifiability, we will continue to provide the contract addresses of key components in Loaded Lions: Mane City. We encourage players to inspect these smart contracts, affirming our commitment to open, decentralised gaming.

Below are the main smart contract addresses in the Loaded Lions: Mane City ecosystem:

  • DiamondCutFacet - Contract 0x8aa70e3F1a8fa065B4C22757D4B5F6c7518A5372

  • DiamondLoupeFacet - Contract 0xc7f1d9b2f7c35fb57420f94b7ef0f2b6698ff572

  • DiamondInit - Contract 0x6326BA45942d3D13e8FBDd299A0D1c09867413E1

  • Diamond - Contract 0x5A669988bcAa348c6E50cFE0065121badbB29A2e

  • AccessControlFacet - Contract 0x95adEFdF08Fb4F2e69A6eeaA964a4015158f3294

  • LoadedLionsTreasuryFacet

    • Original Contract 0x16C071100214D5D779160a5486887BdD9c417e78

    • Updated Contract 0x73D6E473C0AA458911D88Fc496b9705Ae95763bc (slight update to treasury logic, comparison link)

    • Proxy Contract 0x0CA35BDF10f0f548857Fe222760bf47761bBaF50

  • LoadedLionsTreasuryInit - Contract 0x3BFfAAdEC1b6d0805E06417ad895F9045e7E3b93

Below are the wallet addresses related to our treasury functions:

  • Transit Wallet - 0x29bC9eA262dD2D804D17A375F62BCEe93e600914

  • Fee Collector Wallet - 0x1CAf6D213F8210C17e3C92f879C5Ef4bb1D940DA

  • Voucher Redemption Wallet - 0xfC3b5235084aCc6cF6a33d55EC77cA43010A839c

Security & Audits

The security of Loaded Lions: Mane City and its players is paramount for us. To ensure the integrity of our smart contracts and game logic, we have completed our first security audit. We will continue to work closely with reputable third-party auditors to examine our code and infrastructure for any potential vulnerabilities. This will ensure the safety of playersโ€™ assets and maintain the trust of our community.

Our first audit report with SlowMist is attached below.

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