Entering Mane City

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When you first launch Loaded Lions: Mane City, you'll encounter a loading screen and be prompted to connect a compatible non-custodial wallet or enter an email to login. Additionally, you will be prompted to connect your Crypto.com NFT account via QR code, but please note that this is optional.

The loading process typically takes less than a minute, ensuring a smooth start to your adventure. However, as you expand your virtual realm, more in-game assets get added. This may slightly lengthen loading times. With that said, rest assured that we will continually optimise the game to provide you with the best experience possible. More information on several key areas are provided below:

Supported Cryptocurrency Wallets

You'll need to connect your game to a compatible non-custodial wallet. Loaded Lions: Mane City supports two of them at this point: the Crypto.com DeFi Wallet and MetaMask. Your account and progress will be tied to your wallet (progress is NOT tied to NFTs), so remember to link the right wallet before you fire the game up. Your wallet will facilitate secure transactions and be integrated with the game's blockchain-based features. To provide peace of mind for players, we'll also provide non-custodial education for those unfamiliar with DeFi.

Supported Platforms, Operating Systems and Browsers

Loaded Lions: Mane City is a desktop web browser game that is supported and optimised on certain browsers for the following operating systems:

  • Windows 7 SP1 and newer running on 64-bit PC with supported WebGL 2.0 hardware and corresponding official drivers

  • MacOS 10.13 and newer on 64-bit official Apple hardware with supported WebGL 2.0 graphics card and corresponding official drivers

  • Others - May be compatible if compatible browsers and extensions are available but may not be optimised and not actively supported

Below is a list of popular browsers and the level of support offered by the game:

  • Chrome 75 and newer - Full support

  • Edge 79 and newer - Full support

  • Brave - Full support

  • Firefox 67 and newer - Supported for MetaMask only (DeFi Wallet extension not supported)

  • Opera - Compatible but not actively supported

  • Safari - Not supported (lack of extensions)

  • Internet Explorer - Not supported

  • Others - May be compatible if extensions are available but not actively supported

We will be exploring integration with / support of mobile web browsers in the future.

Supported Cryptocurrency

Mane City embraces the power of blockchain by supporting Cronos (CRO) for all on-chain transactions. This streamlined approach ensures a smooth and unified gaming experience, allowing players to purchase, trade, and manage in-game assets easily.

Full Game Access

Our game has now transitioned to open access, ensuring that everyone can be a part of our vibrant gaming community. Whether you're a seasoned gamer or just venturing into new territories, we've got the perfect experience waiting for you. Dive into our immersive world without any barriers. Click here to join for free!

For those eager to hit the ground running, we've got a special offer to give you a head start! Join our Discord community and ask for a Referral Code. New players who use this code will receive Bonus in-game Diamonds! Not only that, our Discord is a treasure trove of expert strategies, tips, and discussions. By becoming a part of our community, you can learn from seasoned players and sharpen your skills.

Want an even bigger edge? Check out our integrated NFT collections and further guidance in this playbook. By acquiring these NFTs, you can complement your strategies and gain exclusive benefits in-game.

Connecting to Crypto.com NFT

You can connect your Crypto.com NFT account directly in-game via a QR code. The game is able to retrieve data of NFTs eligible for the game directly and you do not have to withdraw your collectibles to your non-custodial wallet. Both your eligible NFTs in your Crypto.com NFT account and your non-custodial wallet will be tallied and able to function together in Mane City.

You can only connect your Crypto.com NFT account to one wallet at a time; if you are already connected to wallet A, connecting to a different wallet B will cause your original Crypto.com NFT account to be disconnected, with all in-game benefits provided by eligible NFTs through the connection removed from the original wallet A, but gained by wallet B.

Eligible NFTs are NFTs that have been integrated into the game—you can see which NFTs are currently eligible in this section.

Purchasing Land NFTs

You can purchase a Crypto.com Land NFT on Crypto.com NFT or Minted. Crypto.com NFT is a custodial NFT marketplace, while Minted is a non-custodial NFT marketplace built on the Cronos blockchain.

Gameplay Objective

Loaded Lions: Mane City offers players a world of possibilities, allowing you to shape your gaming experience and pursue objectives that resonate with your passions and skills. We’ve broadly defined several paths for you under the Playstyles section, but ultimately, the choice is yours!

Forge your own path and redefine success in this captivating Web3 game. 💪


A specially designed tutorial is prepared for everyone accessing the game for the first time. Before diving into the exciting adventure that awaits you, it's essential to familiarise yourself with Loaded Lions: Mane City’s mechanics and features. The tutorial helps you get started in the best way possible. Note that the game may prompt you to register your NFTs at the end of the tutorial.

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