🤔Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ aims to provide clear and concise answers to help enhance your gaming experience. As the game evolves and our community grows, we will update this section to reflect the most relevant and up-to-date information. We encourage you to check the FAQ section regularly to stay informed and make the most out of your time in Loaded Lions: Mane City.

What is Loaded Lions: Mane City?

Loaded Lions: Mane City is a tycoon-style game powered by Cronos. Each player is an entrepreneur with the goal of building and designing their dream city and mansion. The rewards earned from gaining experience points and the strategic placement of your businesses in the game can ultimately be exchanged for CRO. Check out the above sections for more details regarding gameplay mechanics.

What do I need to play Loaded Lions: Mane City?

Loaded Lions: Mane City is open to everyone. There’s no need to own a specific cryptocurrency or NFT to access the game. However, holding at least one ‘Crypto.com Land - The First Frontier’ NFT of any tier or entering the game via a Mane City Access Pass will grant you additional benefits. 'Crypto.com Land - The First Frontier' NFT can be purchased from either Crypto.com NFT or Minted.

What in-game currencies are there, and what are they used for?

The main in-game currencies for Loaded Lions: Mane City are Diamonds and Gold. Both of them are needed to upgrade businesses, such as Flavour Town Diner and Mane Motors. The businesses themselves produce Gold as well, which can be used to purchase furniture and decorations for your mansion. Diamonds are also used to unlock rooms in your mansion and purchase Gold Boosters. These Boosters increase the Gold generation rate for businesses.

Do I need a ‘Loaded Lions’, 'Dark Lions' or ‘Cyber Cubs’ NFT for this game?

'Loaded Lions', ‘Dark Lions’, and ‘Cyber Cubs' NFT holders will receive exclusive benefits in Loaded Lions: Mane City, such as in-game boosters. However, they are required to access the game itself.

Will there be benefits in the game for owning multiple collectibles from Crypto.com?

The more 'Crypto.com Land' NFTs you own, the more sites you can place businesses on. This boosts the rate you'll be able to generate Diamonds and Gold at. However, the marginal return on currency generation will decrease for each additional land NFT you hold in order to keep the game fun and competitive. 'Loaded Lions', 'Dark Lions', and 'Cyber Cubs' NFTs will elevate your in-game experience too. Ditto for specific collections from Crypto.com.

What else can be done with my Land NFTs other than playing Loaded Lions: Mane City?

These NFTs are much more than a ticket to Mane City. They will act as your pass for more exciting Web3 initiatives from Crypto.com in the future. For more details about these special collectibles, visit our blog.

How exactly can we earn CRO in Loaded Lions: Mane City?

You can earn CRO by exchanging your hard-earned Vouchers from Competitive Mode at a fixed rate, or by selling your Blueprints and/or Businesses in the in-game Marketplace to other players.

Does in-game progress transfer to the new owner of the NFT?

In-game progress is always pegged to your account identifier, which is your non-custodial wallet address. If you remove a ‘Crypto.com Land’ NFT from your wallet, that collectible will stop generating Diamonds. Additionally, all your Businesses on that plot of in-game land will be returned to your inventory and stop generating Gold. The only information that is pegged to the land NFT itself is the placement of Business Sites. This means that the location of the Business Sites will not change even if you give or sell the land NFT away.

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