In-Game Currencies

The below are in-game only and are not cryptocurrencies.


Gold is the core currency of Loaded Lions: Mane City and it serves as the foundation for your virtual empire's growth and development. Generated exclusively by Businesses, Gold is also used to upgrade them across almost all levels. Additionally, Gold plays a crucial role in obtaining Furniture for the Mane Mansion, allowing you to customise and enhance your virtual space. You also need Gold to unlock city Sites and plots of land to construct Businesses. Strategically manage your Gold and you'll propel your city to new heights.


Diamonds are precious in Loaded Lions: Mane City, being absolutely vital for taking your cityโ€™s growth to the next level. Diamonds can be purchased with CRO on-chain, redeemed with Vouchers, or generated passively by your plots of land. They are essential for upgrading your Businesses to the Milestone and Prestige levels, purchasing Boosters to temporarily increase your Businesses' Gold production, and unlocking Mansion rooms and additional plots of land.

Managing your Diamonds is crucial! They may be abundant when you first start playing Loaded Lions: Mane City, but they will become increasingly scarce as you progress through the game. Learning to balance and allocate Diamonds wisely will be key to your long-term property tycoon success.


A Voucher is the most challenging in-game currency to obtain in Loaded Lions: Mane City, making it highly valuable. Exclusively earned through leaderboard rewards during Competitive Mode , Vouchers offer players immense power and flexibility.

As the most potent in-game currency, Vouchers can be converted to CRO on-chain, providing players with opportunities outside the game. Additionally, Vouchers can be redeemed for Diamonds at an exclusive rate, allowing players to grow their city even quicker.

Vouchers are also the ultimate currency required to unlock even more plots of land. Securing and leveraging Vouchers is essential for unlocking the full potential of your city.

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