NFT Integrations

Loaded Lions: Mane City embraces the power of NFTs and their potential to enrich your gaming experience.

As the game evolves, expect the integration of even more NFTs with diverse functionalities. We are committed to continuously improving and expanding the number of NFTs that are integrated with the game. We want to enable players to fully utilise their digital assets and unlock new possibilities within Mane City. Stay tuned for more updates, as we strive to deliver a captivating and ever-evolving Web3 gaming experience in Loaded Lions: Mane City. Note that in-game benefits may change overtime due to balancing requirements as the game evolves. Our existing NFT integrations are detailed below: Land

Starting with the ‘ Land - The First Frontier’ collection, Land NFTs are the most important digital collectibles for Loaded Lions: Mane City. Each NFT grants you an additional plot of in-game land to build your city upon, but also passively generates Diamonds. The rarer your Land NFT, the more Business Sites your in-game land has, and the higher your passive Diamond generation rate. Given balancing reasons, each subsequent plot of Land would also generate slightly fewer Diamonds compared to its base value (very weak diminishing returns). We want to encourage players to focus on both having more Lands, as well as higher Land rarities.
The rarest Land NFT you own takes the spotlight, being displayed first. For an optimal gameplay experience, Businesses built on each subsequent plot of Land will also generate less Gold, and diminishing returns here are much higher compared to Diamond income from Lands. This ensures fair competition among every tycoon in Mane City. You will be able to construct Businesses on up to 10 plots of land. Every plot of land beyond that only provides passive Diamond generation. This ensures that even when your empire extends beyond your visible plots of land, your NFTs are still able to contribute to your wealth.
Lastly, don't worry if you don’t have enough Land NFTs to fill all your land plots. As you make your way through the game, you can also unlock more plots of in-game-only land called Arid Plains, albeit with relatively fewer open Sites and lower passive Diamond generation. However, unlocking these will be progressively more challenging, first requiring Gold, then requiring Diamonds and even Vouchers to unlock. And if you’ve already reached the maximum capacity for your visible plots of land, they will still add to your passive Diamond income rate.
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Crimson Dunes
Alluring Aurora
Sapphire Lagoon
Molten Cavern
Blocked Chain

Loaded Lions

When equipped in the game, ‘Loaded Lions’ NFTs will grant you a powerful permanent Gold income boost for all your Businesses. These valuable NFTs significantly enhance your earnings, fueling your progress in Mane City. As we continue to develop and expand this integration, look forward to the ability to equip even more ‘Loaded Lions’ and further amplify your Gold generation capabilities.
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Cyber Cubs

The ‘Cyber Cubs’ NFTs are also designed to provide a permanent Gold income boost to all your Businesses when they are equipped, albeit at a slower rate compared to the ‘Loaded Lions’. The ‘Cyber Cubs’ share the same slot as the ‘Loaded Lions’, and they offer valuable opportunities for growth in Loaded Lions: Mane City. Look forward to a more robust system coming soon, which will allow you to maximise the potential of both the ‘Cyber Cubs’ and ‘Loaded Lions’.
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Enjoy full peace of mind with the ‘ Expedition Gear’ backpack NFTs in Loaded Lions: Mane City! At launch, ‘ Expedition Gear’ backpack NFTs are infinitely stackable, with rarer Gear providing a higher offline income duration boost, ensuring that you continue to generate revenue based on your total income even when you're busy with real-world commitments. In the future, backpacks’ capacity trait will also be used to enable other important benefits, so stay tuned! Note that based on game balancing needs, diminishing returns may be introduced to Backpacks.
Rest easy knowing that your virtual empire remains productive and prosperous in your absence. The ‘ Expedition Gear’ NFTs are designed to complement your gaming experience, allowing you to take care of real-world business while your in-game one thrives. Look forward to additional uses or benefits for different types and tiers of ‘Expedition Gear’ in the future!
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More to come! 😊

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