Loaded Lions: Mane City User Interface

Blocked Chain Land
The game's Leaderboard fosters competition and camaraderie among players. In Normal Mode, Leaderboard rankings are continuously updated and they are based on players' Base Gold generated per second (Exclude all Gold bonuses), creating a thrilling chase for the top spot. There may also be special rewards for players at the very top of the Leaderboard! The game also features a special Competitive Mode Leaderboard which is detailed here.
Resource Balances
The top navigation panel contains your live balances for in-game currencies like Gold, Diamonds, and Vouchers. To further enhance your experience, you can purchase Diamonds using CRO and redeem Vouchers for Diamonds or CRO. Optimising your resource management puts you on the fast track to success in the captivating world of Loaded Lions: Mane City.
This is the gateway to viewing your Cronos Wallet on the blockchain. It allows you to monitor your digital assets, track transactions, and stay on top of your Web3 financial standing.
Your dedicated control centre for viewing and building all the Businesses you own. This menu contains a detailed view of all your Businesses, helping you make informed decisions as you strategise, invest in, and expand your city.
Land Selection
Manoeuvre through your plots of land with ease using the selection buttons at the bottom navigation panel. You can also view your income breakdown and/or add new Arid Plains with this panel. This feature allows you to effortlessly switch between your plots of land, providing you with a seamless way to manage and oversee your expanding empire.
Your Inventory is your storage hub in Loaded Lions: Mane City, keeping all your assets organised for easy access. Within your Inventory, you'll find an array of in-game assets, such as Businesses, Blueprints, Boosters, and Furniture. Manage these resources effectively, as they hold the key to creating a thriving metropolis and achieving success in Mane City.
City View
After you have completed the tutorial, this is where you will land, and also where you will witness your city come to life over time. Here, you'll find your plot of Crypto.com Land, available Business Sites, and Businesses. These can all be customised to suit your playstyle and preferences. This dynamic area serves as one of the core gameplay zones, where you'll strategise, build, and interact with your many Businesses to create a thriving metropolis.
Embrace the City View as your canvas, where you can sculpt your city to your exact specifications and leave a lasting mark in Mane City!
Mane Mansion
At the bottom right corner, you can visit the Mane Mansion, your very own luxurious home in Mane City. Boasting a wide variety of rooms, your mansion is the perfect canvas for you to showcase your creativity and artistic flair. Outfit each room with your choice of furniture to express your unique style and transform your virtual abode into a reflection of your personality. The Mane Mansion is also a key place for you to earn experience points and obtain more Blueprints for your Businesses.
Step into the Market, Loaded Lions: Mane City's premier in-game trading platform. In this bustling marketplace, players buy and sell coveted items like Businesses and Blueprints using CRO on-chain, each time with a fee. Players must satisfy certain prerequisites in order to sell on the marketplace, but there are no restrictions when buying. Offload spare items, secure new assets, and capitalise on lucrative deals to ensure the prosperity of your city. The Market serves as the central hub for economic activity, fostering a dynamic community of savvy traders. Navigate the Market with skill and strategy to unlock your full potential as a Mane City tycoon.
Your avatar is located at the top left corner, displaying key details such as your username, Avatar Level and in-game income. Delve deeper by clicking on your avatar to access and equip supported NFTs like the ‘Loaded Lions’ and ‘Cyber Cubs’. Not only does this allow you to personalise your virtual presence, they also grant you valuable in-game bonuses too.
This customisation allows you to express your unique style and flaunt your collectibles while navigating the enthralling world of Loaded Lions: Mane City. In the future, every Avatar Level gained will signify not only your progress and prowess but also translate into a boost in global Gold and Diamond income. Avatar Level is a part of the game’s core mechanics and is not tied specifically to a PFP NFT; you do not need a PFP NFT to increase Avatar Levels. Embrace your avatar as the key to unlocking a rich and engaging Web3 adventure.