Which type of player are you? 🤔

In Loaded Lions: Mane City, players are offered the opportunity to adopt a variety of playstyles. From an ambitious tycoon eyeing the city's Gold to letting the game’s idle benefits do the work, our game has space for every gamer's preferred style of play. This multiplicity of styles not only enhances gameplay diversity but also enriches player engagement, allowing players to express and enjoy your individual gaming preferences. Explore the myriad playstyles and carve your unique path in this immersive world!

The Tycoon

Embrace your inner entrepreneur and amass the most Gold to become the flashiest tycoon in Mane City. Build and upgrade Businesses, engage in hefty acquisitions, and outshine the competition. Flaunt your wealth and achievements, and showcase your entrepreneurial prowess to everyone you come across.

The Strategist

Summon your inner Sun Tzu and become the beacon of efficiency in Mane City. Expertly manage resources, challenge yourself in Competitive Mode, and attain the maximum Gold income rate using as few resources as possible. Balance your investments, upgrades, and expansions to optimise your virtual empire's growth. Earn praise from your fellow tycoons for your resourcefulness and mastery of the game's mechanics.

The Planner

Unleash your creativity and managerial skills as you expand your empire across multiple plots of land. Develop a keen eye for urban planning, optimise the number of Businesses you build, and cultivate a thriving metropolis that bears testament to your strategic vision for what an ideal city should look like.

The Decorator

Show off your artistic flair as you design and decorate the Mane Mansion. Unlock unique and rare Furniture, curate stunning interiors, and transform your virtual abode into a masterpiece. Gain recognition as a master interior designer and be admired by your fellow tycoons for your exquisite taste.

The Collector

Embark on a quest to become the ultimate collector in Mane City. Hunt for rare and valuable assets, including those with unique colour combinations and limited edition items. Showcase your collection, trade assets with fellow collectors, and revel in the satisfaction of owning truly unique items in Loaded Lions: Mane City.

The Idler

Take the hands-off approach and leverage on Loaded Lions: Mane City’s array of idle benefits. By occasionally visiting your city while your passive income and idle benefits do the heavy lifting, you can effectively make significant advancements while minimising your time spent actively managing various moving parts in the game. This playstyle suits those who prefer a more relaxed gaming experience while still progressing steadily.

The Artisan

Master the art of crafting and arranging Furniture within the opulent Mane Mansion. Strategically position each piece to maximise EXP and unlock valuable Blueprints. Elevate your status as the go-to blueprint provider that caters to the discerning tastes of the Tycoons. Amass wealth by curating the most systematic living spaces in Mane City.

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