Competitive Mode

Loaded Lions: Mane City offers a thrilling Competitive Mode in time-limited seasons. Your expertise from mastering the game’s Normal Mode comes into play. Players start each Season from scratch (that means Gold, Diamonds, Businesses, Furnitures are not carried over, with the exception of your hard-earned Vouchers and Arid Plains, creating as much of a level playing field for all participants. At the end of each competitive season, players will not only receive Voucher rewards, but also be credited with even more of the Gold earned in the season to existing Normal Mode progress.
More importantly, your Normal Mode progress remains untouched and will always be preserved. This lets you enjoy the challenges of Competitive Mode without worrying about your main city's growth. Test your entrepreneurial wit and skills against your fellow tycoons as you compete for the top spots in the leaderboard! Attractive prizes and bragging rights await the best tycoons.
Competitive Mode Seasons
The start and end date for each Competitive Mode season will be announced in advance. Additionally, the duration for each season will vary. Each Competitive Mode season might include certain twists and turns, requiring participants to adapt their strategies and change them at a moment’s notice to come out on top.
The first Competitive Mode season of our game will be introduced at a later stage after the initial launch. This decision is based on our commitment to ensuring a smooth, bug-free gaming experience. By delaying the release of the competitive mode, we are allowing our team adequate time to address any potential issues or bugs that may arise post-launch. Moreover, this delay also provides an opportunity for players to familiarise themselves with the game mechanics, experiment with different strategies, and fully immerse themselves in the game environment before diving into competitive play.
Competitive Mode Leaderboard
The Leaderboard rankings are continuously updated and are based on players' total Gold generated across the Competitive Mode season only. It's crucial to remember that your final placement is the one that counts. To succeed, you'll need to play strategically and manage your resources effectively. Make the most out of every second that you have during the season. A maximum of 1,000 players will be ranked on the Leaderboard, and remember, rankings will be updated live. You’ll need to stay on your toes and adapt quickly in order to maintain or improve your position.
Prize Pool
Competitive Mode in Loaded Lions: Mane City features an enticing prize pool that is distributed to top 1,000 players on the Leaderboard. The prize pool grows dynamically and is updated live throughout the season. An incredible 30% of player spending on Diamonds in the Competitive mode will contribute to the growth of prize pools, half of which will be added to the current season, and the other half to future seasons. As you climb the ranks, you'll secure a larger proportion of the prize pool, making every position gained all the more rewarding. From time to time, we may also do a one-time addition to the prize pool!
Players ranked on the Leaderboard will receive their prizes in the form of Vouchers, which can be spent in-game, redeemed for Diamonds at an exclusive rate or, converted to CRO on-chain. The more you achieve in Competitive Mode, and the more players that participate, the better your rewards will be. Stay focused and aim for the top spots!
Special Land Mechanics
To provide a more exciting Competitive Season, players will start the season with all the Arid Plains Land plots unlocked during the Normal Mode. Make sure to make good progress and buy as many Arid Plains as possible with in-game currency to have an edge at the start! Note that the Arid Plains unlocked in the Competitive Mode will also be retained in the Normal Mode. Note: you will have all your Land plots from Land NFTs as well.
Special Rewards
Players who secure a spot on the Leaderboard won't just receive Vouchers as prizes. Special rewards may be given to them, with more details coming soon. These rewards will improve as your rank increases, giving you a competitive edge in both your normal gameplay and future Competitive Mode seasons. Stay tuned for more developments and exciting announcements about these unique rewards!