Mane City Access Pass

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In the expansive world of Loaded Lions: Mane City, opportunities to succeed are always in abundance, especially with its ingeniously crafted Mane City Access Pass system. A win-win for both seasoned players and newcomers, this system is designed to amplify everyoneโ€™s gaming experience and let the rewards flow freely. So, how does it work?

  • The Access Provider: Players will each have a unique access code bound to their non-custodial wallet. The more Land NFTs you own, the more players you can invite through sharing that code. Think of this as a key to a treasure chest, one that you're willing to share with others.

    • Access codes are not bound to Land NFT IDs, there is no impact to new owners of the Land NFT.

    • If the Access Provider uses up their Access Limit and then removes their Land NFTs, they will not be able to invite more players until: (1) they have more than the original Land NFT quantity, or (2) if Access Limit of the remaining Land NFT held exceeds the original count.

  • The Access Receiver: As soon as newcomers use this code, they are granted a one-time Diamond bonus! This isn't just about entering a game; it's about joining a thriving community of virtual tycoons and experiencing the unparalleled excitement this vast digital landscape has to offer.

    • The Access Receiver will receive a 1M Diamond bonus.

    • The Access Receiver does not need to hold any NFTs to play the game.

    • The Access Receiver will see a pop-up during their first login to enter their Access code.

    • The Access Receiver cannot use the Access Code if their non-custodial wallet is already registered with the game.

    • The Access Receiver will not be impacted no matter what happens to the Access Provider.

  • Bonus Rewards: Generosity never goes unrewarded. As a token of appreciation for broadening the horizons of Mane City, the Access Provider reaps the benefits with an enticing bonus progression. More in-game Diamond bonuses are earned as the Access Receiver purchases Diamonds with CRO:

    • Maximum of 100M Diamonds are rewarded to the Access Provider if the Access Receiver spends 500M in Diamonds (Equivalent to 20% cashback in Diamonds)

    • Diamonds are rewarded immediately to the Access Provider whenever the Access Receiver makes a purchase.

    • The Access Provider can have multiple bonus progressions active at the same time. The Access Limit will be increased progressively over-time (i.e. Maximum of 100M Diamond reward per Access Receiver).

    • Also, the top Access Provider may be eligible for special rewards!

  • A Larger Prize Pool for All: The true beauty of the Mane City Access Pass system lies in its communal advantage. With every new player joining and spending in Competitive Mode, the prize pool grows and the market thrives. A larger prize pool means even more exciting rewards and an enriched gaming experience for all. It's a collective climb towards more thrilling gameplay.

Why keep the fun to yourself? Dive into the wide world of Loaded Lions: Mane City, share the joy with your friends, and watch as your rewards stack up. The game isn't just about personal conquests, but about building a dynasty where everyone living in it benefits. Welcome to the future of gaming, where everyone has a stake, and everyone reaps the rewards of their labour too.

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