🦺Safe and Fair Play Policy

We are committed to maintaining a fair and enjoyable gaming environment for all our players. We take safe and fair play seriously and have established a zero-tolerance policy where a confirmed policy breach may result in a clawback of all pending rewards and a reset of all account data tied to the breaching address.

To help with clarity, the intentional exploitation of other players, the game entity, software glitches, coding errors, or vulnerabilities within the game would constitute a breach of this policy. It also includes all actions that grant players an unfair advantage, disrupt the intended game balance, or compromise the overall fairness of the gaming experience. We have further compiled a non-exhaustive list of items we may consider as constituting a violation of our safe and fair play policy:

  • Manipulating in-game mechanics, currency, events, timers, stats, items, and/or limitations to gain an unfair advantage.

  • Running multiple accounts or bots with the intention to profit from these actions (golden rule: 1 player = 1 wallet).

  • Performing unauthorised actions to access restricted areas or content.

  • Intentionally causing server instability or disrupting gameplay for others.

  • Utilising unauthorised third-party software or hacks to gain advantages.

  • Exploiting errors in trading systems to scam or deceive other players.

  • Exploiting bugs to gain unauthorised access to other players' accounts.

  • Manipulating in-game communication systems for malicious purposes.

You can always contact us through our feedback channel, whether you are unsure if certain actions constitute a breach of the policy, came across a bug, or want to report suspected players engaging in unfair practices. This allows our development team to thoroughly investigate the issue and work towards a solution. By reporting bugs and exploiters, you contribute to the overall improvement of the game and the satisfaction of all players, and may be eligible for special rewards and/or in-game compensations as a token of our gratitude.

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