In-Game Assets

The below assets are in-game only and are not available on-chain.


Furniture plays a significant role in personalising the Mane Mansion and contributing to your overall progression in Loaded Lions: Mane City. Every room in your Mansion can be filled with a unique set of Furniture, giving them a unique character and flair.
However, Furniture isn’t just decorative. After purchasing them with Gold and placing them in your Mansion, you'll gain Avatar Experience to increase your Avatar Level. These levels are essential for obtaining new Blueprints for Businesses, and in the future, they will help in providing added Bonuses to the player’s Gold and Diamond income. By carefully selecting and placing Furniture in the Mane Mansion’s rooms, you’re creating a stunning virtual home while progressing through the game.


Blueprints in Mane City hold the key to expanding your virtual empire, containing the…well, blueprints to new and exciting Businesses. There are two types of Blueprints available: Uncommon and Legendary. Both types grant you access to new Businesses, but the Legendary Blueprints offer a much greater chance to obtain a higher-tier Business. Players can acquire a Blueprint for Avatar Levels ending in digits 0 to 5. Legendary Blueprint drops for every 20 Levels, starting from Level 20, the rest are Uncommon Blueprints.
Depending on your strategy, you can choose to sell your Blueprints and acquire certain Businesses you desire in the Market. Alternatively, you can try your luck by using the Blueprints to potentially unlock a very valuable Business. The choice is all yours and you’re free to customise your approach.


In the dynamic world of Loaded Lions: Mane City, Businesses play a pivotal role in shaping your virtual empire. With a total of 15 different businesses spread across five tiers (for now!), you'll have ample opportunity to strategise, invest, and grow your city. Each Business occupies a specific number of Sites, adding a layer of complexity as you decide which enterprises to prioritise. Unlocking Sites will also cost progressively more Gold. Please note that a higher-tier Business might not always be better.
Businesses are the lifeblood of your city, generating Gold for you. The rate at which they do so can be increased by upgrading the Business’s level. This increment is randomised within a specified range, and the range becomes proportionately wider the more levels you upgrade at once, so a touch of luck is involved here. This adds an exciting element to the game and challenges players to adjust on the fly.
Upgrading your Businesses typically requires Gold, with the exception of Milestone levels that need Diamonds as well. Businesses also feature a Prestige level, allowing you to spend Diamonds to reset their level once they reach a specific level. In return, their base income and income increment per level will greatly increase, enabling you to generate even more Gold. The Milestone and Prestige levels challenge you to be strategic when deploying your resources. Will the upgrade be worth the cost of your Gold and Diamonds? It’s up to you to decide!


Boosters’ role in Loaded Lions: Mane City is to provide you with a substantial increase to your Business’s Gold production rate for a limited period of time. A range of Boosters is available, and each one sports a different duration and power level. Booster applied to a Business will continue to countdown both when a Business is in the inventory (Business will not earn income when in inventory) and when players are offline (offline income will be calculated based on the boost, adjusted for time remaining on the boost).
However, Boosters can only be bought with Diamonds and they can be costly to maintain. Therefore, it's essential to use them wisely. They add an extra layer of excitement and strategy to the captivating world of Loaded Lions: Mane City. Whether you decide to deploy them early to get a head start or during Competitive Mode events to surprise other tycoons, it’s up to you to make the final call.